acer pool

STAIRS. Romaine that can be placed on the sides or to the end.
BOTTOM. Reinforced concrete 10 cm. thickness.
PANELS. Lateral panels for 1,10 m. depth.
PANELS. Lateral panels of 1,50 m. depth.
SUPERIOR HOOP.  Reinforced concrete with 15 cm. thickness to install the edge stones.
CENTRAL HOOP. Reinforced concrete in panels of 1,50 m. depth.
SUPPORT. Set of angles fixed to the panels and to the ground for the alignment.

For the manufacturing of a SENSATIONAL swimming pool we need the best materials, years of experience, imagination and the best complements.

Acer Graf uses the best materials, like the steel panels coated with GALFAN, the
last generation of coatings discovered after intensives researches from The Galfan Technology Centre, inc (GTD), situated at the Pittsburgh university, Pennsylvania, USA,
and we use recycled materials  with which we made the new stone edge generation witch fabrication includes a 72% of materials coming from recycled materials for the house building.

We have installed thousands of pools that give us the necessary experience to know what is better and more adequate to your project. 

Imagination to know how to personalize the pool, shapes and situation of the swimming pool in your garden, terrace, attic, etc

And the best complements: Water treatments by saline electrolysis, PH regulators, heat pumps,  telescopic aluminium and polycarbonate covers ,robot bottom cleaners, floating covers, automatic valves to clean to the filter, integrated bottom cleaner, balneotherapy in the stairs, swimmers against current, etc

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